How It Works

We distribute Common Nonsense weekly to local restaurants and retail locations.

We place our publication in high-traffic areas, such as check-out counters, waiting areas, directly on tables, or near the shop entrance. Customers voluntarily pick up a free copy of Common Nonsense to read while they wait, or to take with them. We have received comments from owners and employees of our drop off locations that their customers appreciate our publication and look for it on return visits, and sometimes ask for a copy if our stand happens to be empty!

Make your pennies count with Common Nonsense!

Take advantage of this SPECIAL OFFER:

For ONLY 1 CENT per ad per copy, your ad could be distributed in over 500 copies per week for as little as only five dollars! And you have the option to renew or change your ad each week. You may cancel anytime before your ads are printed - no questions asked, no hassles..

Ad size is approximately 2-1/2" wide by 1-3/4" tall, and we can help design your ads - often for free!

But Wait - There's More! - We just couldn't resist :)

Current advertisers in good standing receive a free listing on our advertisers page. Current drop-off locations receive a free listing on our locations page. If you advertise with us and are a drop-off location, you may have a free listing on both pages! The listings may also include a link to your website for no additional charge!

Even More Value For Your Pennies!

Each edition of Common Nonsense is archived in its entirety in PDF form on our website, including your ads! Our archives also contain seperate weekly "Puzzles Solutions" editions which also include our advertisers' paid ads at no additional charge!

We carefully track printing, distribution, and returns of each edition.

We keep costs low by printing "just enough" copies of each edition of Common Nonsense. We adjust the quantity for each edition based on results from previous editions. We maintain receipts and logs to prove the quantity printed and net distribution for each edition.

We are a small business that understands the need, and the cost, to advertise.

Our target advertisers are small businesses and individuals seeking inexpensive marketing exposure in the Springfield Missouri area. We require no long-term commitments. You may advertise as frequently as you want, and you may change your ad with each edition.

Ad Submission and Payment Deadlines; Print and Distribution Schedules:

The deadline for ad submission is Thursday evening 5:00 pm. We finalize the edition on Friday. We print and distribute on Saturday. Editions are dated for Saturday of each week.

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